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Health& Safety

AAA believes that the prevention of accidents and damage to plots and property is essential for the personal safety of our Plot holders and visitors. Our goal is a ‘Zero Accident Culture’


Our Safety Policy will be reviewed annually and revised to take account of legislative changes associated with all applicable Health and Safety Legislation.


The Committee recognises and accepts its responsibility to provide very high standards of Health and Safety for all plot holders, and includes this commitment to the safety of visitors, contractors and the general public. The Committee will continue to seek and create policy, organise, plan, implement, audit and review all hazards, risk assessment to reduce risk.  Complete safety awareness assessment, and audit well documented procedures and guidance to ensure full compliance with site rules and all relevant safety legislation.


 All Plot holders must work effectively together to avoid all Incidents/Accidents and the creation of hazards, Principles for managing safety and simple safety rules apply to everyone.


Plot holders must ALL challenge non conformance to our site rules and best practice guidelines and procedures.


‘You get what you accept – do not accept less’




Nigel Dyer - CHAIRMAN

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