Welcome to ashby allotment association

Reasons to consider having an allotment plot 


Home Grown expensive veg 

Veggies like carrots, potatoes, parsnips and onions are so cheap in the stores that growing your own may not be cheaper but DO taste better) 

Allotment best practice is to grow the more expensive veggies and soft fruit like raspberries, strawberries, rocket, tomatoes and basil.


Digging veggie beds is hard work! The multitude of muscles you use e.g. legs, arms, shoulder and back are confirmation that having an allotment is good for you - one of the benefits of allotments is that they provide plenty of opportunities to exercise whether gently or more cardio type



Having an allotment means the fruit and veg you eat will have no air miles and possibly only a couple of road miles from harvest to table.

Compared to apples from South Africa and asparagus from Peru, your harvest is oozing eco friendliness.

In addition it is likely to have been grown naturally rather than in a high tech way which would have involved large machinery and plastic wrapping.


Childrens Education

Children soak up knowledge from being around adults, watching what they do and asking questions.

Involving your (grand) children in the allotment will provide a great number of learning opportunities including:

  • growing seasons

  • plant, bird & insect identification

  • pollination and reproduction

  • nature and nurture

  • responsibilities

  • what hard work is!


Sense of achievement

As many new plot-holders discover, growing vegetables requires acquiring new knowledge and skills and the satisfaction gained from eating their first home grown tomato or new potato makes them taste even more delicious!


Seasonal Eating 

Having tried to beat the seasons and failed you will learn about eating according to the seasons. Strawberries in June? That’ll be a glut.

Courgettes  in July/August/September? That will be an ongoing glut!! Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing - eating courgettes and green beans 5 times a week can get quickly boring so you will find yourself freezing, preserving or giving away your excess produce - and become a more adventurous cook as you learn how to preserve that precious harvest 


Fresh Air 

Out on the allotment you will breathe in the freshest of air in your locality. Stopping to smell the freshly dug soil and the new plants is wonderful

Allotment waiting list is back open 

Ashby Allotment Association proud of its achievements through its projects Team and working parties ...a few of our past triumphs

Meeting Hut

A well built sustainable building on the allotment site for meetings to be held

Community Toilet

A toilet for the allotmenteers - very useful for families who bring their children, and in fact all of us

Less Able Plots

A plot of raised beds for the less able, we are building more of these following donations from Enrich, and are currently looking for a working party to create them - time, tools or tea making - we need you all

Dates to follow