News 2021 

April 2021 update



If you choose to have a bonfire as you are clearing your plot please pay close attention to the Association rules for this:- 

  • Check wind direction to avoid nuisance to households on our boundary and other plotholders

  • Stay with the fire at all times; have a bucket of water to hand in case prompt extinguishing is required 

  • Ensure the fire is completely out before leaving it.  Link is here: Bonfires | Ashby Allotment Association



Please pay outstanding rent invoices immediately as they are now overdue. If you are concerned that you haven't received one, first check your spam or junk mail folder.  If it still seems that you haven’t received an invoice, please contact me asap.


Hedges and Paths


A reminder to all not to put any waste items in the tractor paths / hedges. It looks like we have had some stones and wood dumped in the cemetery hedge and this needs to be removed..




We have reinstated plot inspections with the new season and are looking forward to seeing all that you are doing! If there are reasons why cultivation is not possible or might be delayed, please get in touch to avoid embarrassment!




If you wish to inquire about stock from our shop or purchase items please contact Andrew Rollason on 07962 302760